There’s one monument visible from almost anywhere around Jupiter Florida, it’s the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse was opened in 1860 and served as a beacon to those at sea for almost 150 years.

Though today, GPS is the golden tool helping vessels navigate their way at sea and to shore, the lighthouse still stands tall in its iconic red.



On a sunny August afternoon, I had the pleasure of touring the Lighthouse to learn about the life of a lighthouse keeper. These keepers lived on the premises of the Lighthouse, many with their families from 1860 to 1946.

After WWII, the keepers were members of the Coast Guard, keeping guard up until 1987 when the lighthouse became fully animated.

It was at that time, in 1987, the job of the light keeper was no longer needed.

In all there were 70 lighthouse keepers, and the job was by no means an easy one.



Imagine Jupiter back in the day of 1860.

There were no roads, no railroads, and Florida was sparsely populated.

In addition to their job, the lighthouse keepers needed to survive.

They did this by fishing and hunting and coexisting with the Seminoles.

The Jupiter inlet was slightly to the south at that era, but they were able to receive periodic provisions by boat.

Daily tasks of the keepers entailed continually carrying three-gallon cans of fuel up the 105 steps to the tower to fuel the lamp.

The lamp, a faceted lens created in France by a man named Fresnel, rotated manually with a weight and chain.

The special glass of the lens required delicate cleaning religiously.

There was continual work to be done up keeping the ironwork as well as painting the interior and exterior of the brick tower, polishing the brass.



Today, we can thank the efforts of these hardworking lighthouse keepers for the beautiful lighthouse we still so admire.

One of the original homes lived in by the light keepers burned to the ground in 1927 and is currently a deck used for weddings and twilight yoga.

Under an enormous banyan tree, locals of all levels can bring their mats and flashlights for a sunset yoga class, or book the unique venue to tie the knot💍



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